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29 July 2005 @ 04:19 pm
I thought posting all the banners themselves looked messy so I'm resorting to links. :) Click to see the banner. If you would like to use an icon that placed, comment with what you want and I'll reply with the icon.

From 92ndstreet
Ch3 (Hilton) - 2nd place

From alexb_stillness
Ch1 - 3rd place
Ch3 - 5th place

From blendage
Ch80 (Jake Gyllenhaal, A.E.) - Best text
Ch89 (Elizabeth Hurley, colorize) - Gold
Ch91 (Julia Stiles) - Bronze

From disney_hush
Ch2 (Peter Pan) - 3rd place
Ch3 (Little Mermaid)- Mod's Choice
Ch14 (Lion King) - Mod's Choice
Ch22 (Brother Bear) - 2nd place
Ch22 (Brother Bear) - 3rd place
ChA (layout) - Mod's Choice
LIMS Contest I - Not voted against
Ch29 (Snow White) - Mod's Choice

From everwood_stills
Wk 6 - 2nd place
Wk10 - 1st place

From femme_icons
Wk9 - 1st place
Wk9 (Emily Browning) - 2nd place
Wk13 (Madonna) - 1st place
Wk13 (Bjork) - 3rd place
Wk15 (Alizee) - 3rd place
Wk 25 (Miranda) - 1st place
Wk26 (Scarlett) - Mod's Choice

From ga_stillness
Ch6 - 1st place
Ch7 - 2nd place
Ch12 - 2nd place
Ch13 (Viper) - 1st place
Ch15 (Dr. Shepherd) - 1st place

From gentlemen_icons
Wk39 (Michael Vartan) - 1st place
Wk39 (Michael Vartan) - 2nd place
Wk44 (Josh Groban) - 2nd place
Wk52a (Ocean's 11) - 2nd place
Wk52b (Ocean's 11) - 3rd place
Wk54 (LOTR) - Mod's Choice

From gyllenstills
Ch21 - Mod's Choice

From hush_challenge
Lost Boys - 2nd place
13 Going on 30 - 2nd place
Notebook - 2nd place
Ferris Bueller - 1st place
Resident Evil/Dawn of the Dead - 3rd place
Star Wars - Mod's Choice

From icon_idols
3rd place

From icons100
Completed: Lena of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

From icontest_dreams
Ch1 (New Beginnings) - 3rd place
Ch4 (Beach Ball) - 1st place

From judelaw_stills
Ch24.2 (Cropping)- 1st place
Ch27.2 (Dark) - Mod's Choice

From keira_contest
Ch21 - 1st place

From lyricschallenge
Ch1 - Mod's Choice
Ch6 - 3rd place
Ch7 - Mod's Choice
Ch10 - 3rd place
Ch23 - 3rd place

From nat_stillness
Ch33 - Mod's Choice
Ch36 - 4th place

From pop_stillness
Ch36 (Cheryl Tweedy) - 2nd place

From star_ichallenge
Ch18 (Catherine Zeta Jones) - 2nd place
Ch19 (Sarah Michelle Gellar) - 1st place
Ch22 (Ashanti) - 1st place
Ch24 (Sandra Bullock) - 2nd place
Ch26 (Elizabeth Hurley) - 2nd place
Ch35 (Rachel McAdams) - 1st place
Ch39 (Mandy Moore) - 2nd place

From tpants_icontest
Ch2 - 3rd place
Ch4 - 1st place
LIMS Ch2 - Outstanding Icon of the Week
Ch8 - 1st place

From vm_lost_hp
Ch1 - 3rd place
Ch1 - Mod's Choice
Ch3 (Lost) - 3rd place
Ch8 - 1st place

Last Updated: February 23, 2006